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Shopify + SkuNexus =
Simple Automated Commerce Operations

Your Shopify platform is intuitive and straightforward. SkuNexus can be a similar platform for your back end operations. If you're looking for a tool to manage Shopify and beyond, this is it.

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Immediate Insight Into Shopify Inventory

With SkuNexus, you'll never wonder about your inventory again. Lightning fast inventory updates from Shopify and other sources increase visibility into stock levels across all channels.



Control how customer data is handled and routed after it leaves Shopify.



Data flows from one system to the other without handholding.



Add new Shopify stores, users, and increases in volume without restrictions.


Why SkuNexus + Shopify?

Founded by experts with decades of experience in ecommerce, we understand the challenges and opportunities your business is facing. We've designed SkuNexus to complement Shopify's ease of use and beautiful interface with an advanced fulfillment system.

Ensuring that your Shopify platform fully integrates into your order management system automates the flow of information in your back end operations, speeding up the the fulfillment process, and satisfying your customers with competitive pricing and consistent fulfillment.

Complete End-to-End
Order Management System

Keep it simple by utilizing Shopify for your front end, and SkuNexus for your back end. Fewer connections lead to fast, error-free operations.


Real-time inventory across all channels and locations

Ever wonder how much inventory you have, or where it's located? You'll never wonder again with SkuNexus.

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Automate your fulfillment from start to finish.

Create custom workflows based on your actual processes to automate common fulfillment functions.

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Augment your order management with hundreds of integrations.

Connect to hundreds of shipping carriers, ERP and accounting systems, and of course, Magento.

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shopify order management system

Connect Shopify to SkuNexus for simple automated order management.