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Empower vendors with custom access to the platform, native integrations to their systems, and an elegant dashboard.

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Build and maintain vendor relationships in an intuitive communication portal.

vendor management control


Configure custom access for vendors to access the parts of the system relevant to them.

efficient vendor management


Automatically create purchase orders and notify vendors of changing stock levels.

scalable vendor management


Add and manage hundreds or thousands of vendors without any reduction in loading or processing speeds.

The Problem

Time Intensive Vendor Relationships

Vendor relationships are the gateway to growing a successful eCommerce business, and managing those relationships can sometimes be a difficult task.

This isn’t due to the vendors themselves - but rather to the varying technologies they use to manage their buyers. Ranging from emails to CSV files, EDI connections and proprietary systems, there is a myriad of connections in use today, with only a few accepted standards.

So if you want to grow your business and strengthen your vendor relationships, you need a system that can manage all of that, connect with your order management system, and reduce the amount of time that you spend there.


  • Every vendor’s ordering process is a little different.
  • Vendors are constantly asking for updates.
  • Managing vendors is a time-intensive process.

If this is the case for you, here’s how you’d use SkuNexus.

The Solution

SkuNexus Vendor Management

SkuNexus empowers your vendors with access to your system, in whatever way you choose, unique to each vendor. Each gets a central dashboard, where they can see relevant purchase orders, invoices, inventory levels, and order statuses.

You can create unique purchase order formats for each vendor, then automatically generate POs when inventory reaches a certain level (or send one when you know you need it). To grow sales with big box retailers, utilize one of over 400 native EDI integrations.

While not every vendor will want to be this deeply involved, the system also allows you to manage your vendor relationships with a suite of tools, saving you a lot of time to build more relationships, not just maintain the ones you have.


  • Open source integration creates limitless functionality by connecting with any existing system via API.
  • Vendors can access their own portal, or you can generate reports or updates to send them from the system.
  • Seamlessly connect with drop-shippers, EDI integrations, and more.

Open Source Integrations

  • Connect how your vendor wants, generate POs automatically using their preferred formats.
  • Connect with dropshippers and assign them their own portals.

Open Source Integrations-1

Vendor Portals

  • Adds a unique layer to the vendor relationship without compromising security or proprietary info.
  • Unique vendor user profiles allow them to see information relevant to them, but not other vendor information or restricted customer data.

Vendor Portals

Centralized Dashboard

  • View all vendors, dropshippers, and associated stock levels, in one place.
  • Vendors have a vendor-specific version of the dashboard.
  • Drop communication lines within the platform, or send emails without leaving the system.

Centralized Dashboard
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Empower your vendors with incredible insights.

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