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Carewell Optimizes Branded Dropshipping Operations With SkuNexus

While building a successful online marketplace, Carewell has also managed to simultaneously foster a community built upon kindness, dignity, and respect.
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  • About Carewell
  • The Situation
  • The Solution
  • The Results

About Carewell

Many startups begin with an inconvenience. An aggravated founder realizes there has to be a better way of doing something and decides to tackle the problem.

Carewell was born out of necessity.

When charged with caring for her grandmother, Carewell CEO Bianca Padilla sought out the the online market for caregiving products. She found it to be disjointed, confusing, and decidedly lacking in support. People searching for answers were often frustrated, physically exhausted, and desperate for help.

Bianca had an idea and the drive required to solve this issue.

Carewell Case Study Skunehus

What began in 2017 as a subscription service for adult diapers has grown dramatically. Today, Carewell is an eCommerce retailer offering both a wide array of home health products and valuable information for family caregivers. 

While building a successful online marketplace, Carewell has also managed to simultaneously foster a community built upon kindness, dignity, and respect.

However, like all companies, Carewell did have some growing pains.

The Situation

Carewell gained a foothold in the industry due to its unique combination of products that people absolutely need and dedication to great customer service. Unsurprisingly, this rapid success brought a series of challenges and optimizing back-end operations eventually became one of them.

Bianca viewed the problem through an empathetic lens. She saw these improvements as a means of growing the business. But, more importantly, she recognized their impact in making her employees’ lives easier and improving the customer experience.

Key issues involved critical processes, improving performance, and preparing for the future.

  • Any potential order management software (OMS) had to integrate with Carewell’s BigCommerce platform.
  • Inconsistent data flow between Carewell and its vendors/dropshippers needed to be eliminated.
  • Improving order accuracy resulting in higher customer satisfaction was a major goal.
  • The ability to easily add more vendors/dropshippers into the system was desired.
  • Finally, establishing good rapport and a long-term relationship with the software provider for ongoing support, updates, etc., was crucial.

The Solution

Based on software design, flexibility, and out-of-the-box functionality, multiple engineers recommended Carewell contact SkuNexus for a consultation.

  1. Seamless integration with BigCommerce was imperative.

When an order is entered in a BigCommerce online store, it is automatically imported into SkuNexus.

The SkuNexus automated fulfillment process begins immediately once an order is received.

  1. The issues Carewell was having in communicating with vendors/dropshippers?

SkuNexus eliminates confusion, as it allows all vendors to be managed in a single location

It connects with their platforms and grants them access to yours to manage incoming goods (without any compromise of proprietary information).

  1. Carewell also wanted a purchase order (PO) generated immediately in the event of a dropshipping order.

SkuNexus automates this process as part of its dropshipping functionality.

Beyond itemized needs and their specific solutions, Carewell had more general requirements for an order management system, and SkuNexus addressed them

  1. Carewell was concerned with improving accuracy.

Powerful order automation is a fundamental part of what SkuNexus does.

It increases accuracy at every stage of the fulfillment process.

  1. Carewell also wanted to optimize its customer experience (CX). SkuNexus aids with customer support and experience in a number of ways.

The management of data flow is a core CX benefit. Customers see inventory as it exists, in real-time.

Increased operational efficiencies created by automation have a ripple effect. Better organization = faster fulfillment = customers getting their products on time.

  1. With their employees in mind, the Carewell team saw that SkuNexus' benefits would make daily tasks easier and increase productivity.

Looking ahead, Carewell was hopeful to scale its operations. It needed to know the SkuNexus platform and support team could move right alongside them and continually be there to help.

The ability to add vendors/dropshippers to their network, for example, was a major want for Carewell. This is the sort of flexibility that sets SkuNexus apart. Its expandability is virtually limitless.

The Results

Carewell’s decision to implement a SkuNexus OMS solution has helped the company in a variety of different ways

  1. With its zero-inventory model relying exclusively on dropshipping, Carewell has automated that process and dramatically improved vendor communication/data flow.
  2. Higher order accuracy has increased customer satisfaction.
Since integrating with SkuNexus in 2020, Carewell has achieved the following:
  • $30MM in venture capital funding to date.
  • Ranked #74 on Inc.’s 2021 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America.
  • Ranked #8 on Fast Company’s 2021 Most Innovative Companies for Retail.
  • Exponential revenue growth.

Beyond funding and growth, Carewell’s commitment to implementing solutions that benefit their employees and customers alike has paid rich dividends.

  • Ranked #1 on InHerSight’s 2021 “20 Best Health, Wellness, and Fitness Companies to Work For"
  • Named one of Forbes Magazine’s “100 Most Customer-Centric Companies of 2022”

SkuNexus prides itself on core principles of quality, integrity, and placing the customer first. Working with a similarly-minded group of people like the Carewell team is definitely a good fit.

Customer Reviews!

“SkuNexus listened to our requests... [They] were open to ideas and made recommendations to make our vision come to life... They have been a great partner because they are able to quickly adapt...


The SkuNexus functionality was crucial to [achieving] Carewell's goal of delivering excellent customer service...SkuNexus helps make our customer experience the best it can be!”

Bianca Padilla
CEO, Carewell