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When an online shopper makes a purchase, an order springs to life, and proper management of that order is integral to your back-end operations.

SkuNexus features powerful tools for merchants to optimize processes, streamline procedures, and maintain command over orders throughout their entire life cycle.


You make the rules. We follow them.

Seamless integrations with all major eCommerce platforms ensure necessary order details (items, quantities, customer details, fulfillment criteria, etc.) are immediately captured by a SkuNexus order management system (OMS).

Once in the system, orders can be controlled and directed, automatically, based on a rules-based decision process over which you have complete control.

SkuNexus will consider an order's delivery address, inventory proximity, and any other custom attributes, and route the order to the optimal fulfillment location.

Orders may also be partially fulfilled, partially canceled, or flagged for further review, all from one centralized dashboard.

And, with our multichannel capabilities, orders with several items might be sourced from different warehouses/brick-and-mortar stores/3PLs to avoid waiting for restocking. The options are entirely within your command.

When in doubt, outsource!

Whether you are out-of-stock in a particular item or simply choose to outsource certain products, SkuNexus also provides full support for dropshipping orders.

The same rules-based system applies here.

You may auto-decide orders for dropship fulfillment, automatically generate POs, and auto-email them to your dropshipping vendors (or integrate directly with vendors via API/CSV drop).


With SkuNexus, you control your orders. Not the other way around.

The benefits of the customization that SkuNexus affords become quickly apparent in order management. When rules-based decisions are combined with powerful automation, it creates a highly efficient, extremely accurate, and cost-effective solution.

In an eCommerce environment where shoppers expect to have things their way, you need a system with the flexibility and capacity to accommodate them. A SkuNexus OMS empowers merchants to give customers what they want while retaining complete authority and direction over how their orders are handled.