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Meet the Platform

SkuNexus is a fully customizable, all-in-one, open source order management system that manages your orders from start to finish. It tracks inventory and routes orders, automates fulfillment and shipping decisions, and is built using the latest technology and programming languages so that customizing it is accessible to any savvy developer.


Our open source architecture allows full control over custom workflows, processes, and automation - increasing operational efficiency and scaling seamlessly. 

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Your Success is Our Success

“SkuNexus took our processes to the next level! Using its automations for shipping and fulfillment, we have seen massive improvement in our order handling and fulfillment. We're looking forward to even more improvements this year!”


Jaclyn von Stein

Director of eCommerce and Technology




The SkuNexus Difference:

No limits on users, integrations, or volume.

Add custom functionality with access to source code.

400+ integrations (eCommerce, shipping, and more).

Our Story


Yitz Lieblich, the Founder and CEO of Web Solutions NYC, had been working with enterprise-level eCommerce businesses for over a decade. This experience has helped him become intimately familiar with the challenges, successes, and operations of enterprise eCommerce businesses. Detailed customization of customer-facing websites is a top priority for every online business, and Magento is the best solution for that because it offered endless customizability for any user.


He noticed customers and prospects faced many challenges after the sale was made. These enterprise level eCommerce leaders were stringing together systems for inventory, fulfillment, and shipping, or overpaying for software and consultants that created cumbersome workarounds, that were prone to failure and expensive to maintain.


There were still large parts of the order and fulfillment process that were being done manually, instead of using automation or pre-configured rules. It was taking a lot of time, increasing costs, and slowing down fulfillment to customers. It just wasn’t working.


Wanting to help, we entered the market with eyes wide open to discover which order management options were available for enterprise level eCommerce businesses.

Order Management Was Still a Manual Process

SkuNexus was created to answer those critical challenges in order, inventory, and shipping management that he saw impeding the growth and productivity of countless promising companies.

Current Solutions Weren't Enough

After researching the options available, we discovered there was a big gap. There are legacy enterprise order management systems, that have been top performers for decades or more, that dominate the top of the market. These systems are extremely comprehensive, but are expensive and outdated.
There are also more nimble and focused SaaS solutions that excel at one facet of commerce operations. They do it very well, and are often paired with other systems to make up a whole suite of applications, because one system alone isn’t enough.
Lastly, some businesses have proprietary systems that they have built themselves. These are advantageous because they provide exactly what the business needs, down to a T, but diversify resources into activities that don’t increase revenue.

So what’s missing?

Something with the same customizability as a homegrown system, without the costs of a legacy enterprise system, that has the same focused feature set as an SaaS product. Something that didn’t exist at the time.

Our Mission

Reshape the future of commerce operations.

Creating A Fully Customizable Platform

Fast forward to today. SkuNexus is the only order management system that gives customers access to the source code of their platform. It wasn’t a hard decision to make.

Our Core Differentiator: Full Customization

We built SkuNexus to provide three things to warehouse, operations, and logistics managers:



Access to source code allows full control over every aspect of the system. Add or remove functions, create your own integrations, and more.



After customizing the platform, layer automation on top to speed up decision making, reduce time per order, and find new efficiencies.



With no limit to users, volume, or integrations and an advanced technology stack built for the future, the system can scale for busy seasons and hiring sprees alike.


Our Core Values

These are the values that our team members take great pride in.



We have searched the globe for the top minds and subject matter experts in eCommerce and order management. An experienced team means a smooth transition and on-boarding process for our clients, and a successful, and timely project completion.


Customer First

We are a customer-centric, eCommerce and order management development firm. That means that each and every client gets dedicated support and project management to ensure a seamless end-to-end implementation. Entrusting a partner with your order and fulfillment management can be big decision.



Our differentiator is that we pledge to have an open, honest dialogue with our clients from the first conversation. When you entrust us with your business, we hold ourselves accountable for excellent, reliable service and ethical principles.