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Whether you are out-of-stock in a particular item, conducting market research, or wish to be completely inventory-free, dropshipping can be a powerful solution for your eCommerce business.

Regardless of the model, SkuNexus provides comprehensive support for any and all dropshipping operations.


There's dropshipping, and then there's managed dropshipping.

The benefits of streamlined dropshipping operations cannot be overstated.

By automating and minimizing the number of steps involved in receiving an order and getting it to the customer, merchants can focus on other critical areas of the business instead of getting bogged down in logistical details.

The same rules-based system SkuNexus uses for order management also applies to dropshipping. You may auto-decide orders for dropship fulfillment, automatically generate POs, and auto-email them to your dropshipping vendors (or integrate directly with vendors via API/CSV drop).

Our integrated systems for communicating with suppliers help facilitate faster order processing, real-time inventory updates, and better visibility into lead times. Your suppliers, too, will benefit from the enhanced connections between their operations and your own.

Turn your dropshipping vendors into trusted partners.

Our management software enables you to monitor dropshipper inventory, SKUs, and pricing across various locations. You can also customize purchase order formats for each dropshipper, auto-generate POs when stock reaches a predefined level, and manage a large number of dropshippers without sacrificing speed or performance.

Conversely, the visibility into your inventory helps dropshippers enhance their demand planning, optimize operations, and potentially boost sales as your business grows.

Adding to these capabilities is a robust layer of security. Unique dropshipper user profiles allow access to relevant information while ensuring that no other dropshipper or sensitive customer data is exposed.


SkuNexus dropshipping solutions give you options on your options.

Any supply chain can be disrupted by its least dependable supplier. The good news is, with SkuNexus, you have alternatives.

Our dropshipping management solutions provide comprehensive visibility into, and control over, your suppliers, all while expanding your own network's capacity. Should an issue arise with a particular dropship vendor, the platform quickly identifies an alternative source to fulfill your requirements.

Leveraging robust automation and seamless bi-directional data sharing, SkuNexus equips both you and your suppliers with a significant advantage in the competitive eCommerce landscape.