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Advanced inventory management provides real-time insights into what you have and where you have it.

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Real-time inventory visibility across all channels and locations.

full control inventory management software


Start with our core system, and customize the way inventory is handled and tracked so that it reflects the way your business actually works.

efficient inventory management software


With SkuNexus’ intelligent inventory management, you’ll have just the right amount of stock on hand, never too much or too little.

Scalable inventory management software


SkuNexus grows alongside you by automating common tasks, providing real-time inventory counts, and forecasting for the future.

The Problem

Global Inventory Management

Planning for and stocking the optimal amount of inventory ensures a great customer experience and no sales interruptions, regardless of channel.

When multiple warehouses, physical store locations and real-time online sales connect, many inventory management systems fail to deliver accurate inventory counts. Not knowing where your inventory is and how much is on hand can lead to loss of revenue and customer service issues. The stakes are raised even higher when that business takes place all over the world, in different time zones and languages.


  • Inventory updates are slow to update, and often inaccurate.
  • Cannot track inventory across multiple locations.
  • Inventory is being over- or under-sold.

If this is the case for you, here’s how you’d use SkuNexus.

The Solution

SkuNexus Inventory Management

SkuNexus connects to all sales channels - so you can connect your physical store locations and eCommerce and marketplace channels to the system. You can also connect your inventory and its locations - physical stores and warehouses - to the system. Having this information in a single system is a huge advantage, and directs employees to a single source of truth wherever they are.

Employees in warehouse and physical stores use the system to do their jobs, and inventory is automatically tracked from ordered to shipped to delivered, which can be seen from a single accessible dashboard. Best of all, they’ve done all of this without having to go to the IT team.


  • Inventory count is updated in real-time from all sources in a dashboard.
  • Inventory locations are tracked down to the specificity you require (ie. aisles, bins).
  • Forecasting information is accurate, so stock-outs and oversells are few and far between.

Know What You Own

  • Inventory is tracked in real-time across physical stores and warehouses.
  • Forecast future inventory demands by using real data to make accurate predictions.
  • Log all stock adjustments, replenishments, and activity for review or auditing.

Inventory know what you own

Track and Tag Inventory

  • Create descriptor combinations to match your warehouse locations - such as aisles, shelves, bins, or create your own.
  • Descriptors carry to pick lists to make warehouse operations more efficient.
  • Create custom descriptors for expiration dates and items that lose their value seasonally.

Track and tag inventory

Stay on Top of Moving Inventory

  • Low stock, out of stock, and custom notifications, so you always know when to reorder.
Stay on top of inventory
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Never wonder about your inventory again with SkuNexus.

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