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The speed of eCommerce has transformed warehouse management into a high-tech endeavor. Accuracy, organization, and productivity have never been more important.

A SkuNexus solution can help unify and streamline single or multi-warehouse operations, automate manual tasks, and even optimize the layout itself for maximum efficiency.


Wake up! The days of the sleepy warehouse are over.

Modern eCommerce warehouses are dynamic locations full of activity, and everything that happens in one can be directed, monitored, and/or automated. Warehouse management systems (WMS) have given businesses valuable tools to streamline operations, optimize processes, and lower their costs.

A SkuNexus WMS does all that and then some.

Directed putaway. Barcode scanners. Hyper-organized aisles, racks, bins, and totes. Automated pick lists. Wave picking. The list goes on and on.

If inventory is the lifeblood of your business, the warehouse is the heart.

Multi-Warehouse management is where SkuNexus truly shines.

Any merchant who has tried to manage multiple locations with a platform ill-suited to the task knows the trials that can follow.

Siloed information. Communication breakdowns. Orders routed to the wrong place. Total chaos.

The flexibility of SkuNexus software helps solve these issues.

One connected system yields a unified set of processes for all warehouses and teams. And, the headless architecture of SkuNexus allows for easy additions of users, locations, or item descriptors without the need for custom development.

SkuNexus can also seamlessly integrate with the systems of third-party logistics providers (3PLs) for those merchants who choose to outsource portions of their inventory, warehouse, and fulfillment management.


Looking to grow your business? How does no limits sound?

The expandability of SkuNexus becomes very clear when merchants wish to add new products or employees to a warehouse, or even new warehouses themselves, to the system.

Unlimited locators and descriptors allow tracking and tagging of products any way you like.

Unlimited users and user roles let you control the amount of information employees see to just the essentials.

Unlimited warehouses, retail stores, or fulfillment centers mean scaling up can be accomplished with just a few clicks.

Ready. Set. Grow.