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Choose your plan


Off-the-shelf solutions that are great for starting out, but struggle with growth.

Legacy Enterprise Systems

Systems that create endless possibilities for a premium price, are use outdated tech.

Proprietary /  Home Grown

Custom built, but require investment in resources that don't generate revenue. 

SkuNexus Order Management

Combines the strengths of each, with none of the weaknesses


SkuNexus Is Different

Compared to a modern SaaS platform, SkuNexus is more feature-rich, covers a wider breadth of functions, and allows for 100% customization.

Compared to a legacy enterprise system, SkuNexus is significantly quicker to implement, while still offering the same core feature set, modern technology, intuitive user interface and of course full access to the source code.

Compared to a proprietary system, you won't have to make any tough architecture or technology decisions. You'll still get the same amount of customization and flexibility, without becoming a technology company.

With SkuNexus you can create your own efficiencies, based on your processes and workflows, by having full control over a system that grows and adapts with you.

Order Management as a Competitive Advantage



Full access to the source code allows customizations  to features, processes, and workflows you never thought possible - unique to your business, and owned by you.



With a feature rich product and full access to the source code, you are able to automate your mundane processes to increase efficiency and reduce human error.



Cutting edge technology empowers you to scale your business to handle as many orders as you need to process, even during the busiest holiday seasons.

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