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Automate every facet of your fulfillment processes, regardless of where inventory is located, retail stores, or number of warehouses.

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Automate your fulfillment from start to finish.

full control fulfillment software


Employees doing fulfillment only see relevant information to them, whether they’re in a store or in a warehouse.

efficient fulfillment software


Remove manual decision making with automation and focus on growth over operations.

scalable fulfillment software


Build the fulfillment system of your dreams that works today, and will scale for the future.

The Problem

Fulfillment Requires Human Input

Having a variety of fulfillment options is a guaranteed path to increased sales and revenue, but it’s just so hard to get it right, and you haven’t found a system that does it the way you want it done.

Fulfilling eCommerce and marketplace orders from warehouses has worked well, but the lure of offering in-store pickup is too tempting to pass up. The problem is that retail locations are using POS systems that don’t connect to your order management system.

To exacerbate that problem, your 3PLs have their own software, that also doesn’t connect to your system. It’s all a big mess.


  • Connecting to retail stores and 3PLs requires an expensive integration or manual input.
  • Order information is sometimes inaccurate and takes a long time to get to fulfillment.
  • Customers want in-store fulfillment but it isn’t offered.

If this is the case for you, here’s how you’d use SkuNexus.

The Solution

SkuNexus Automated Fulfillment

Skunexus turns your physical stores into mini-warehouses, reducing the time it takes for customers to receive orders once they’ve been placed. With custom user roles and interfaces for in-store and warehouse employees, managers, and admins, it only takes a minute for them to understand exactly what they need to do. 

With SkuNexus’ in-store fulfillment, you’ll be able to look a customer in the eye, and say “The product is coming from our warehouse. It’ll be on your doorstep in five days, or at this store in 3 days. Which would you prefer?

This makes the buying process easier by giving the customer more choices, and they’re more likely to buy again and again if it’s a frictionless process.


  • All fulfillment options have been ‘unlocked’ including ship-to-store, buy online, pick up in-store; store-to-store.
  • Since orders, inventory, and shipping live in the same place, order information is always up to date.
  • Incorrect or incomplete customer information is flagged for quick resolutions.

Fulfill Any Way You Want

  • SkuNexus connects to any third-party fulfillment houses that you use (even proprietary systems).
  • If you own your own warehouses, you can choose from over 150 global shipping carriers to move your products.
  • Customers are always notified when their order is in transit, regardless of how it’s fulfilled.

Fulfill any way you want

Sophisticated Automation

  • Use custom workflows to route orders from any channel to the appropriate fulfillment method.
  • Customize your fulfillment process by adding steps for Quality Assurance or manager review if needed.
  • Create smart pick lists that contain relevant information for different types of orders or products.

Sophisticated Automation

In-Store Fulfillment

  • Customers can buy online, and pick up their order in a physical store.
  • Expand your warehouse network by adding options to ship from one store to another, from a warehouse to a store, and ship from a store directly to the customer.
  • Employees only see relevant tasks when logging in using custom configured user roles.

In Store Fulfilment
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Automate 100% of your fulfillment processes.

Yes - really 100% of your fulfillment processes.