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    Some eCommerce merchants may think that shipping management is an oxymoron. As in, how can you manage something when it's being done by another company?

    At SkuNexus, we have a full toolkit to help businesses do just that.


    Managing shipping begins way before the package is on the truck.

    Shipping is an extension of fulfillment, and preparing orders for transit and delivery is a significant part of the process. SkuNexus performs a collection of tasks to eliminate manual decision-making and streamline shipping operations.

    Our rules-based Shipping Option Mappers completely automate shipping processes.

    Merchants select a carrier and service, input some extra details for orders that will use a particular mapper, and then set up rules. These rules can range from basic information like order destination to vastly more complex. Any piece of data in the system can be used to set up these rules. Nothing is left to guesswork.

    And, once you've set up your Shipping Option Mappers, it's time to print your labels. Even here, you've got choices.

    If you prioritize immediate order fulfillment, warehouse staff can print shipping labels directly from the SkuNexus fulfillment screen. Or, if you'd rather print multiple labels at once, our batch printing method is ideal.

    We continually monitor over 150 carriers to always find you the best rates.

    SkuNexus automatically weighs a plethora of data to determine the most convenient ship-from locations and streamline packing operations, but what about managing shipping carrier costs?

    Shipping rates are in constant flux, and attempting to manually track them is an impossible task.

    To address this, we integrate with domestic and international shipping carriers to ensure that merchants have access to real-time rates at any given time. You never know when, or where, the next order will need to go. We've got you covered. Worldwide.


    Shipping is about so much more than proximity. SkuNexus understands this.

    Shipping is a nuanced operation that transcends mere geography. It's about speed, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and ensuring that goods arrive in pristine condition.

    While merchants may have no control over what happens once a carrier accepts their parcel, they can have much more direction over what happens beforehand than they might realize.

    SkuNexus grasps this, and we have developed a shipping management system to empower businesses with as much control over these operations as possible.