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Multi-Location Warehouse Management

Optimize any (and all) warehouses with smart pick + pack lists and comprehensive integrations.

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Powering efficient warehouse operations for multi-location businesses.



Create smart pick + pack lists that provide clear instructions to warehouse employees.

efficient warehouse operations


Decrease inventory storage costs and labor costs with a built-in performance manager and inventory forecasting.

scalable warehouse operations


Add new warehouse or retail locations, users, roles, and vendors with just a few clicks.

The Problem

Inconvenient Warehouse Operations

Efficient warehouse operations are the beating heart of the fulfillment process. They ensure customer satisfaction just as much as a quality product does, because they make sure it gets to them on time and in one piece.

With two warehouses currently, it’s going to be a challenge to optimize your operations before adding two more later this year. Each warehouse uses a different software to manage day to day operations. They’re both connected to your order and inventory management system, but that’s where the similarities end. One’s expensive to keep updated or make changes in, and the other has a terrible user interface that makes daily work difficult.

Orders are being shipped on time, but you know that you can be more efficient, and you’re going to have to be if you plan to double the number of your warehouse locations.


  • Different warehouses operate with separate systems, processes, and organization.
  • Unable to add additional locations without a smooth process.
  • Tools aren’t user friendly, and require extra time and money to upkeep.

If this is the case for you, here’s how you’d use SkuNexus.

The Solution

SkuNexus Warehouse Management

Warehouse management in SkuNexus is controllable and efficient. In fact, creating efficient warehouse operations is one of the main reason that we created SkuNexus.

That control and efficiency easily lends itself to adding more staff or locations after the core processes have been worked out. Operations are clear and straightforward, provide employees with custom pick + pack lists when moving around the warehouse. It’s the product of all the different functions within SkuNexus functioning in harmony - from inventory to fulfillment and shipping.

It also makes onboarding new team members or locations simple.


  • One connected system with a unified set of processes for all warehouses and teams.
  • Add new users, locations, or item descriptors without any custom development.
  • Optimized operations allow for accurate inventory counts, shorter picking paths, and seamless connections back to the customer.

Fewer Manual Decisions

  • Smart pick lists so warehouse employees know exactly where to go for each product, which box sizes, and packing materials to use.
  • Connections to barcode systems to keep inventory up to date in real-time.
  • Performance manager tracks time spent on individual fulfillment tasks.

Fewer manual decisions

Unlimited Everything!

  • Unlimited users and user roles reduces the amount of information employees see to just the essentials.
  • Unlimited locators and descriptors to track and tag products however you want, and manage multiple locations per warehouse.
  • Unlimited warehouses, retail stores, or fulfillment / distribution centers, so scaling up can be accomplished with a few clicks.

Unlimited Everything

Easy Replenishment and Receiving

  • POs generation at custom times - whether it's low stock, out of stock, or a busy season.
  • Notifications to specific users when stock is low or out.
  • Barcode scanning compatible for warehouse employees using it.

Easy Replenishment and Receiving
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Increase your warehouse operations efficiency with SkuNexus.

Make your existing team more productive without added complexity or hours.