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Direct-to-Customer (D2C) eCommerce has provided many businesses with an attractive and potentially lucrative sales model. By eliminating the proverbial middleman, merchants of all types and sizes can remove a key area of friction, foster brand loyalty, and maximize profits.

Significant challenges exist, however, from supply chain and inventory to order processing and fulfillment. Let’s look at how SkuNexus can help solve the issues your D2C enterprise might be facing. 


It Starts with Real-Time Inventory Management

Serving as the foundation for various business activities, it's crucial that inventory data is updated instantaneously across all platforms and channels. Delays or inconsistencies in this integrated system can lead to complications that are likely to escalate and negatively impact multiple facets of your business operations.

At SkuNexus, we tackle this using a multi-faceted approach.

Automated Systems Reduce Errors and Increase Efficiency

SkuNexus enhances operational efficiency and accuracy through automation. Continuous monitoring of stock levels is maintained, reorder points are set, and purchase orders are automatically sent to suppliers as necessary.

Barcode Scanners Enable Comprehensive Inventory Oversight

For inventory management, the value of barcode scanning is unparalleled. This tool allows brands to monitor inventory throughout its lifecycle, across various locations—from receipt to fulfillment to shipment. Implementing rigorous barcode scanning is fundamental to both warehouse management and overall inventory control and should be a top priority for any D2C business

Seamless Data Flow Is the Glue That Holds It All Together

While automation and tracking are essential components, real-time inventory management relies on the unrestricted flow of data across all channels. Any bottlenecks in data distribution due to system incompatibilities will disrupt the entire workflow.

Accurate Inventory Data Informs Order Processing and Fulfillment Operations

A successful D2C system is dependent upon an array of sub-systems all working in seamless integration. Armed with up-to-the-second inventory, SkuNexus communicates with eCommerce sales platforms to direct and route orders for fulfillment. 

These decisions are made automatically based on rules created by the D2C merchant, and can incorporate any data point within the system. This powerful automation eliminates manual decision-making and ensures accuracy and efficiency throughout the fulfillment process.


SkuNexus Constantly Monitors Shipping Carrier Rates

A winning D2C model demands that shipping costs be kept to a minimum at all times. This is only possible with software up to the task.

SkuNexus integrates with, and continually tracks rate fluctuations of, over 100 global carriers. Factored over a high sales volume, small differences in shipping can be the difference between success or failure for any D2C enterprise.

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Why SkuNexus

Find out how our platform can elevate your operations. Offer to set up a test account for you, so you can try out the platform on your own time