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Order Management


Gone are the days of having to change your operations to suit the needs of your software. With SkuNexus, you can fully customize each component of the system to your exact requirements - from shipping label designs, one-of-a-kind workflows for shipping and fulfillment decisions, and even the user interface. Everything can be changed.

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  • Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Fulfillment Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Shipping Management

Automate your order management process using SkuNexus.

Automate your order management across all channels with one simple dashboard to manage them all.

  • Automatically import orders from any channel for intelligent order routing.
  • Support for dropshipping and integrations with any vendor platform.
  • Optimize omnichannel workflows for greater fulfillment efficiency.
  • Scale your commerce operations using the latest technology.
Order Management

Inventory Management

Sync inventory in real-time across all channels to provide customers with the most accurate data.

Advanced inventory management provides real-time insights into what you have and where you have it.

  • Live sync all inventory sources across multiple warehouses, inventory designations, and channels.
  • Low stock notifications based on preset or custom rules.
  • Stock replenishment and inventory forecasting reports.
  • Automate operations using accurate inventory data to scale your business.

Fulfillment Management

Automate any of the tasks involved in fulfillment, vendors, and 3PLs on a sophisticated system.

Automate fulfillment processes using custom workflows to make scaling your business an effortless endeavor.

  • Features such as: in-store fulfillment, in-store pickup, and pick/pack/ship.
  • Create smart pick lists to speed up your fulfillment operations.
  • View order fulfillment life cycles to create detailed reports.
  • Take full control of your fulfillment operations to optimize your operations.

Warehouse Management

Efficient picking and packing reduces man power needed to efficiently run a warehouse and ensures accurate and timely customer orders.

Operate in one or more warehouses for real-time insights into item locations for smart fulfillment decisions.

  • Add barcode scanners to connect your warehouse team to the system.
  • Unlimited locators per warehouse (aisles, rows, bins, etc.).
  • Apply shipping preferences to many orders at once with batch shipping.
  • Smart inventory receiving makes hitting KPIs and moving inventory easy.

Vendor Management

Manage vendors in a single location, connect with their platforms, and grant them access to yours to manage incoming goods.

Create automatic POs, connect with dropshippers, and gain visibility into all inbound inventory.

  • Automatically create POs using rule sets that you create.
  • Vendor portals for controlled access to vendor-specific information.
  • Centralized dashboard to view all vendors and associated inventory.
Vendor Management

Shipping Management

Automatically rate shop for every order and stop overpaying on shipping with smart shipping decisions.

Save money on shipping costs by automating decisions and comparing carrier pricing live.

  • Integration with 150+ global carriers.
  • Instant shipping price comparison across carriers you choose.
  • Intelligent decision-making based on custom or preset rules.
Shipping Management