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omnichannel order management

Order Management

Coordinate and route incoming orders from any channel without breaking a sweat.

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Omnichannel order management as a competitive advantage.

order management software that gives you full control


Control the flow of information from omnichannel orders with powerful workflows and automation tools.

efficient order management software


Focus on getting more sales, because with SkuNexus your order management will be a breeze.

scalable order management software


Customize your own system and automate the majority of your processes to make scaling a piece of cake in any season.

The Problem

When Omnichannel is a Mess

Omnichannel is a proven path to growing sales and revenue - with orders being managed and fulfilled by the same staff that does it now.

It’s becoming the norm to sell through an ecommerce website, a handful of marketplaces, a dozen physical locations through the States, and having a couple warehouses to back it up.

But that’s not always the case. It’s hard to do omnichannel, and if implemented incorrectly, it’s unclear how orders are supposed to be managed, leading to orders being fulfilled multiple times, or not at all. Worse, this can cause confusion internally, and customer dissatisfaction externally. What’s the point of selling through multiple channels if it’s not bringing back customers?


  • Using multiple systems for different locations and processes, and they don’t sync properly.
  • These systems are integrated, but update at different speeds, need to be connected manually (good ol’ csv uploads), or the integration breaks.
  • Orders are managed and fulfilled haphazardly, leading to unhappy customers.

If this is the case for you, here’s how you’d use SkuNexus.

The Solution

SkuNexus Order Management

We believe omnichannel order management should put your business in front of the competition, and be a reason customers keep coming back. 

Every system you use - ecommerce platforms, marketplaces, and dropshippers - can be connected to SkuNexus. This tracks incoming orders easily, and using the powerful automation tools built into the system, you can route orders to warehouses or physical stores for fulfillment, or flag them for further review.

Warehouse workers know what to pick, sales are recorded and subtracted from inventory, and fulfillment knows where to send the order. 


  • One order management system to rule them all, that connects to all channels.
  • Automated routing sorts orders to fulfillment, QA, physical stores, or customer service.
  • Employees at each location and in each role only see relevant info to them by logging into user types.

Omnichannel Order Management

  • Sync records instantly from ecommerce, physical stores, and any other connected channel.
  • View orders and their progress in a single dashboard.
  • See which location (warehouse/store) items are being fulfilled from.

omnichannel order management

Automate Repetitive Processes

  • Choose the best location to fulfill and order from based on preset rules (or your own custom ones).
  • Customize the system as much as you want with automation and access to the source code.
  • Other parts of the system are automatically updated, so a customer service rep or executive can track orders or view dashboards if permissions allow.

automate repetitive order management processes

Checks and Balances Remove Errors

  • Incomplete or inaccurate order information is automatically tagged, so you won’t start fulfilling an order if it’s not ready.
  • Filter and search for orders - makes finding that one order in thousands a breeze.
  • Automated workflows repeat processes that are successful, and surface issues before they become problems.

checks and balances remove errors
order management system

Are you ready to take full control of your order management?

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