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Few industries present as many challenges for eCommerce success as Food & Beverage. The reality of expiration dates, refrigeration, shipping temperatures, et al, can make it an extremely complex endeavor for even the most seasoned brands.

Success is achievable, however, provided merchants have the right combination of strategy, logistics, and powerful software to help manage it all.

At SkuNexus, we have deep experience in helping customers navigate these waters. Let’s look at how our platform can help tackle the issues faced by merchants across the F&B landscape.


If We Can Manage eCommerce Ice Cream, We Can Manage Anything

Normally, this is the section where we talk about how strong inventory management and real-time sync are critical factors at the heart of any successful business. And, yes, that remains true. Absolutely. 

But, being that we are discussing the management of inventory that can spoil, spill, etc., why don’t we first talk about our success with frozen desserts.

Our customer, Graeter’s Ice Cream, came to us with a litany of issues.

  • Lack of information flow between warehouses caused inventory data to be scattered across, and siloed within, different systems.
  • Without a dedicated order management system (OMS), an individual sales order's status and life cycle could not be viewed from start to finish. Tracking orders was extremely difficult.
  • Getting products to the correct warehouses and maintaining inventory levels was a constant challenge.
  • Software inflexibility created problems in routing orders to the right locations.
  • Packing decisions regarding dry ice quantities were made manually.
  • Labeling requirements had to be met on a shipment-by-shipment basis.
  • Graeter’s was unable to assign users specific roles/permissions and create proper workflows. 

For any eCommerce business, the combination of disrupted data flow, inventory hiccups, packing issues, and diminished warehouse control is a major problem. For an ice cream maker, it can become a meltdown - during order processing, on a delivery truck, or all over a customer’s doorstep. 

Our team at SkuNexus developed a comprehensive solution to provide management control for every segment of the Graeter’s backend, while allowing for extreme customization of fulfillment processes. From standardizing dry-ice quantities to automating shipping methods, everything was streamlined and optimized to meet Graeter’s needs.

Tracking, Tracking, and More Tracking

Managing perishable items poses a unique set of challenges that require specialized inventory and order management solutions. SkuNexus software offers a range of features specifically designed to help businesses handle perishable goods effectively.

One of the most critical factors in managing perishables is tracking expiration dates. SkuNexus allows you to input and monitor these dates closely, ensuring that items are sold or utilized before they expire, thereby reducing waste and potential losses.

Tracking lot numbers is another feature that is indispensable for perishable items. This functionality enables traceability, allowing you to identify exactly which items belong to specific batches. This is crucial for quality control and even more critical in the case of recalls.

Customizable notifications about expiring products take the guesswork out of inventory management. Instead of manually checking expiration dates, SkuNexus can send automated alerts to the relevant team members, allowing them to take timely action such as promoting items nearing expiry or removing them from the shelf.

Automation in SkuNexus can also ensure First-In, First-Out (FIFO) inventory management. This system guarantees that older stock is sold before newer arrivals, which is especially important for perishable goods where the shelf-life is limited.


Each Situation is Different - Your Software Must Be Able to Adapt.

At SkuNexus, we understand that F&B encompasses a wide range of sectors, from fresh grapes to fine wine, and that the issues faced by merchants are equally diverse. We also understand that flexibility and creativity are key factors in any business’s success.

To that end, we have designed our software to be completely customizable. Whatever nuances a merchant wants to add, to any process, can be created and directed by established rules within the platform. This model gives you powerful control over all your operations, from warehouse management to orders, fulfillment, and shipping.

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Find out how our platform can elevate your operations. Offer to set up a test account for you, so you can try out the platform on your own time