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Use Cases

See how SkuNexus can be customized for virtually any situation.

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Shipping Perishables

Find out how refrigerated, frozen, or fresh goods can get shipped efficiently through the SkuNexus platform.
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Shipping Wine

Wine needs to stay below 70˚F, or it'll spoil (and nobody likes spoiled wine). See how using SkuNexus can ensure your deliveries always arrive at just the right temperature.
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Expiration Dates

Products that have expiration dates need to be carefully managed and shipped to ensure products are rotated and shipped to customers using a strict process.
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In Store Fulfillment

How smart brands are giving customers ordering and pick up options from beyond their websites.
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Apparel Industry

Learn how the apparel industry can really benefit from a fully automated platform like SkuNexus to grow their brands.
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Cosmetic Industry SkuNexus

Cosmetics Industry

The rapidly growing cosmetics industry will benefit from a robust scalable platform like SkuNexus.
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Home and garden  SkuNexus use case-1

Home & Garden Industry

Millennials and baby boomers are driving this industry.  Keep up with demand by using our fully customizable commerce operations platform.
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Automotive Skunexus-hero-mobile

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is huge! In the United States, one out of every six businesses is reliant on some aspect of the automotive industry.
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Bookstore SkuNexus hero-mobile-1

Bookstore Industry

The global book industry is massive. The upsurge of digital technology has caused sales of physical books to shrink. 
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office supplies Skunexus use case - mobile

Office Supplies Industry

The trend toward purchasing office supplies online is constantly growing. In response to this, office supplies retailers are increasing product offerings on their eCommerce sites.
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Pharmaceutical SkuNexus features

Pharmaceutical & Drug Store Industry

With pharmacies augmenting their product offerings, the need for order management software that is able to expand with them is of utmost importance.
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Sporting goods SkuNexus use case

Sporting Goods Industry

The sporting goods industry comprises sales of athletic apparel, footwear, and sports equipment. As the world’s overall focus on physical health increases, this industry is seeing great growth.
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Jewelry & Watches Skunexus hero-mobile-1

Jewelry & Watch Industry

Consumers want to see and feel these luxury items before purchasing. Some upstart companies have tried to take advantage of this, offering a fresh take on traditional items in the online marketplace.
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Electronics Industries SkuNexus

Electronics Industry

The rising interest in smartphones, artificial intelligence, and voice recognition technology is largely responsible for that growth. 
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Food and Beverage -Skunexus hero-mobile

Food & Beverage Industry

How can retailers facilitate fast delivery of perishable food items and account for the soaring costs of same day/next day delivery?
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