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Audit and Discovery Services

SkuNexus was designed to seamlessly integrate and absorb your complex business processes into a centralized, enterprise-wide inventory and order management system.

Before we can automate efficiency-draining manual processes and streamline your business, we have to get to know your business.

Aligning your goals and initiatives with the project plan and theSkuNexus solution from Day One means a smoother, faster build, and a happier team overall. We strive to provide exemplary communication and stick to the plan: on-time and on-budget.

The Audit Process

  • Needs & Requirements Analysis
  • Competitive & Industry Analysis
  • Technical Review and Audit
  • Project Plan Build

Every auditing process is unique. We strive to go above and beyond just a template - there’s no plug-and-play projects here. Understanding and becoming a trusted extension of your business is our number one goal.

See For Yourself

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Schedule a Demo
It takes about 45 minutes.

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  • Walk through the product, step by step.
  • Get access to a customized portal.
  • Discuss specific requirements of your OMS.
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