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Magento + SkuNexus = Fully Customizable Commerce Operations

If you're used to customizing your Magento portal to make your dreams a reality, then you'll love SkuNexus. Full access to the source code behind SkuNexus gives you team full control over everything that happens after an order happens in your Magento.

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Full Control Over Magento Inventory and Fulfillment

Take the reigns on your order, inventory, and fulfillment processes with a robust set of functions, backed by full access to the platform's source code. This is your best chance to create a custom, efficient workflows.



You'll have the same amount of control over SkuNexus that you've had over Magento.



Create the most efficient system possible - because you control how it functions.



Handle large order volumes and a growing business with a system built for the future.


Why SkuNexus + Magento?

Founded by a Magento Enterprise Solutions Partner, we know the challenges and opportunities your business faces and we designed SkuNexus to answer those challenges by integrating seamlessly with ecommerce websites running on Magento.

Ensuring that your Magento platform fully integrates into your warehouse management system automates the flow of information, resulting in reduced man hours and inefficiencies from manual information processing.

See how one client created automations for shipping and fulfillment and saw massive improvement in their order handling and fulfillment.

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Complete Order Management System

There's no need to pair SkuNexus with another system - it can handle everything from start to finish.


Real-time inventory across all channels and locations

Ever wonder how much inventory you have, or where it's located? You'll never wonder again with SkuNexus.

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Automate your fulfillment from start to finish.

Create custom workflows based on your actual processes to automate common fulfillment functions.

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Augment your order management with hundreds of integrations.

Connect to hundreds of shipping carriers, ERP and accounting systems, and of course, Magento.

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Connect your Magento to SkuNexus for unlimited customizations.