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order management software for my industry

Order Management Solutions by Industry

SkuNexus is open-source, meaning that your business systems, hardware and software can be integrated into the platform. The flexibility of the suite of buildable core features means we are suited for diverse verticals and business sizes, with agility to grow with your business.

automotive industry


With endless moving parts, the automotive industry needs to be meet strict SLA and shipping times no matter what.
b2b and supply chain

B2B & Supply Chain

For wholesalers and 3PLs, SkuNexus provides an unrivaled amount of customization to streamline operations.


Focus on creating the best possible products for your customers while SkuNexus automates your entire fulfillment process.

Fashion and Apparel

Ensure products sell and ship before they lose value at the end of a season.
food and beverage

Food and Beverage

Automate shipping carrier decisions and packing instructions so that food doesn't get too hot or cold in transit.
medical & nutraceutical

Medical & Nutraceutical

Real-time inventory insight ensures that you always have products in stock and ready for customers


Whether producing finished goods or parts for other suppliers, SkuNexus makes sure everything shows up on time.
Retail Goods

Retail Goods

Offer advanced in-store fulfillment to capture more sales per customer, without a massive price tag.

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