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Job Functions

SkuNexus is an open source, all-in-one, fully customizable platform that includes order, inventory, shipping, vendor and warehouse management.

This means that the platform touches many departments across the business.

  • Customer service can log in quickly to see the status of an order.
  • Warehouse managers can organize their inventory, and quickly print automated pick-pack lists.
  • Warehouse employees can print shipping labels instantly (or automatically).
  • IT and ecommerce staff can manage a single platform for all of their needs
  • Executives can peer into the dashboard as needed to problem solve or see how things are going.

The sky is the limit with an open source platform. 

See For Yourself

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Schedule a Demo
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  • Walk through the product, step by step.
  • Get access to a customized portal.
  • Discuss specific requirements of your OMS.
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