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Written by Yitz Lieblich

Multi Warehouse Management

Managing multiple warehouses does not need to be difficult! Switch to SkuNexus and see how easy it can be to manage multiple warehouses!

Your business has grown. You now find yourself with more than one warehouse. The first warehouse was pretty easy to manage. You purchased warehouse management software that was the best fit for your business at the time. The warehouse was operating at maximum efficiency. You assumed the next warehouse would be just as easy to manage. Install a warehouse management system (WMS) and you should be ready to roll. 


The Uh-Oh Moment

Orders are now being pushed from your eCommerce site to multiple warehouses. You need to manually decide where each order should be fulfilled. Tracking inventory across both warehouses has become difficult and time consuming.

The answer is an order management system (OMS) that has the capability to handle many warehouses. Orders are automatically decided based on shipping costs, inventory available, location, etc. The software needs to be fully scalable. It should make no difference whether you are adding one extra warehouse or one hundred. Buying online and picking up in store (BOPIS) should be as simple as fulfilling an order for shipment.


Benefits of Multi Warehouse Management

  1. One single point of truth
  2. Unlimited warehouses
  3. Real-time Data
  4. Locate & Track Inventory around the globe
  5. Warehouse Stock Transfers


One Single Point of Truth

The most important feature of multi warehouse management is having a single point of truth. This means there should be one location where you will be guaranteed to have accurate information about all your inventory regardless of location. A single cloud based order management system is the answer to your problem. One instance of software that is easily accessible from all warehouse locations.  No more trying to correlate inventory data across multiple platforms. When all data is stored in one place, there is a single point of truth.


Unlimited Warehouses

For one instance of software to work for your company, it needs to handle 1,000 warehouses as easily as it handles 1 warehouse.  Adding and handling additional warehouses should not only be doable, it should be easy. In addition, the platform should automatically decide which warehouse should fulfill each order based on the order information received from your sales channel. 


Real Time Data

With all warehouses accessing the same cloud based system, all data entered in one warehouse is easily viewable by all warehouses. This will allow the user to see all stock in inventory across all warehouses, and a breakdown of quantities available in each warehouse.


Locate & Track Inventory Around the Globe

Because all data is stored in one location, it is easy to track stock no matter where it is located. You will have a birdseye view of all your stock, regardless of where inventory is stored and orders are fulfilled.


Warehouse Stock Transfers

With one cloud based system controlling all your inventory data, transferring stock between warehouses is easy. Pick and pack the stock in one warehouse and ship it to the next warehouse location. The stock will be removed from inventory in one warehouse when it ships, and entered into inventory when it is received by the other warehouse. 


SkuNexus, a fully customizable commerce operations platform, is well-known for powerfully and efficiently handling warehouse operations for businesses with multiple warehouses


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