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Shopify is used by over 1,000,000 businesses worldwide. 

SkuNexus fully integrates with Shopify to automate backend commerce operations.

SkuNexus seamlessly integrates with Shopify!

Inventory Match

Every addition and/or update to your inventory selection on your Shopify site is automatically pushed into SkuNexus in real-time.

Sales Order Management

Every order on your Shopify online store is automatically imported into SkuNexus. The SkuNexus automated fulfillment process will kick in and start processing the fulfillment.

Inventory Synchronization

Every time an item is sold on your Shopify website, inventory levels in SkuNexus will be automatically updated in real-time.

Omnichannel Solution

SkuNexus is perfect for managing all your sales channels seamlessly. Orders from all points of sale will flow directly into SkuNexus and inventory will be updated across all sales channels in real-time.


Easily sell dropship orders from your Shopify site. Dropship orders are automatically imported into SkuNexus. The automated dropship fulfillment process will kick in.

Vendor Portal

Your vendors and dropshippers have easy access to SkuNexus via the specialized Vendor Portal to view their purchase orders and/or dropship items.

Multiple eCommerce Integrations

SkuNexus integrates with many other eCommerce platforms allowing you the ability to expand your online presence easily.