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Written by Paige Schmitt

What’s New at SkuNexus - May 2022 Core Release

May 2022 updates to the SkuNexus software, including cycle counts, shipping labels, Shopify API integration, auto decision rules, developer tools, and other general improvements.

SkuNexus believes in continual improvement. We anticipate the changing needs of our customers and we adapt accordingly. To keep your business at the top of its game, we’re at the top of ours. Read on to learn more about recent changes to our core functionality.


New Features

Cycle Counts 2.0
Cycle counts are a critical part of backend operations. For businesses, they provide distinct advantages, such as:

  • Higher inventory accuracy/fewer errors
  • Fewer inventory write-offs and less obsolete inventory
  • Higher order fulfillment rates
  • Higher sales
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Less time investment and no employee overtime costs
  • Less business interruption 
  • Faster detection of inventory shrinkage
  • Potential elimination of annual counts
  • Fewer audit procedures and lower fees

While cycle counts can be planned and scheduled according to a number of methods, it is recommended to do regular cycle counts at least once a quarter. 

In its latest version of the cycle count module, SkuNexus has added features to make the entire process more efficient and user-friendly. SkuNexus users now have the option to run a full cycle count (of the entire warehouse) or to run daily cycle counts (for portions of the warehouse), which allow operations to continue with less prolonged interruption. Each cycle count is broken down into waves that allow multiple users to work together to complete the count. Waves can be configured to count a specified number of SKUs or locations. If a counter runs into an issue, the associated product and location will be tagged for manager review. A Manager Review tab allows the manager to easily see and resolve any cycle count issues.

Discard Shipping Label
We all make mistakes. If a shipping address needs a correction after the shipping label has been created, SkuNexus users now have the option to discard the original label and create a new one after making the necessary edits.

Upgraded Features

Shopify API Integration
The SkuNeus integration with Shopify is easy and only takes your team minutes to complete. Because eCommerce is constantly evolving, Shopify and other platforms roll out updates frequently. In fact, Shopify updates its API every quarter! SkuNexus continually maintains its Shopify API integration and our core has been upgraded to integrate with Shopify’s latest API endpoints.

Developer Tools
It’s always helpful to have a second set of eyes and ESLint and Prettier are just that. ESLint analyzes code and picks out common style and syntax errors. Prettier automatically fixes any formatting issues that may exist in code. These programs are fantastic for review of development work, especially for review of large volumes of code produced by development teams.
SkuNexus has now installed ESLint and Prettier into the Developer Tools module, so your Company’s code can always be in tip-top shape. This is particularly valuable to our Enterprise clients, who perform development work internally, allowing for continued customization and control of their processes.


Update Auto Decision Rules
Auto decisions are a part of what makes SkuNexus the perfect solution for your backend operations. When orders come in, the attributes you assign automatically choose the most efficient fulfillment process for you and your team.
With this update, new criteria have been added to the Auto Decision rules configuration to make even better decisions.
Updated Rules Screen

General Improvements
We’ve also made other general improvements to our software. Take a look at the fixes:

  • Refactoring of export CSV code
  • Warehouse module optimization 
  • User grid refactoring
  • Cancel package upgrade
  • Pop-out calendar improvements
  • Batching grid bug fixes
  • Adding product to vendor bug fix
  • Sorting and filtering improvements 
  • General bug fixes
  • UI improvements

We’re excited to make these improvements for our existing clients, and for our future clients as well. To see all of these additions and changes and to find out why SkuNexus is the right solution for your business, book a demo with our team today.

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