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Prepare NOW for Holiday Shipping

Yitz Lieblich
November 8, 2019

What? I am supposed to start thinking about shipping for the Holiday season now? Halloween has just passed. I am ready for some peace and quiet before things start speeding up again.

This kind of thinking will have you falling behind the eight ball come holiday time. The quiet you are experiencing now is actually the lull before the storm. It is exactly the time of year for you to start evaluating your workflows and ensuring that everything is working up to par. If you find issues now, you still have enough time to correct them before the holiday rush.

By now, the extra inventory needed for the upcoming Holiday season has been ordered and is probably already making its way into your warehouses. However, having the correct amount of inventory is only the first part of the supply chain process. What about all those behind the scenes employees working hard to make sure that inventory gets sent to your customers in a timely manner?

Assuming that all the employees in your warehouse are working efficiently, what happens once the orders are picked and packed? How will those items be shipped? Which carrier will you use? How much will it cost? How quickly will it be delivered? The Holiday gifting season is high priority to your customers. When they order their gifts they want to know that those gifts will be delivered on time. A Christmas gift delivered on December 27th will cause your customers to lose trust in your company. The result will be loss of revenue.

In order to ensure on time Holiday delivery, and happy customers, you need an easy way to evaluate all of your shipping options. With so many shipping carriers to choose from, how are you supposed to accurately compare shipping costs and shipping speed?  Your employees’ heads would explode if they were to try to do this manually. This is where a commerce operations platform comes into play. You need a robust system that will do all the comparisons and evaluations for you. 

SkuNexus is the commerce operations platform that you need. We are the best fully customizable inventory/order/warehouse management software. We fully integrate with the top shipping carriers, like USPS, UPS, Fedex, DHL, etc. Our platform will fully automate the shipping process by comparing shipping speed and costs, and choosing the best one for each order. Because we are fully customizable, the system will correctly choose the shipping carrier and speed based on your predefined prerequisites.

Let SkuNexus help your employees work more efficiently this Holiday Season.

Click here to see how we can automate your shipping process and help you increase revenue!


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