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Personalized Products and How to Handle Them Within Your OMS

Yitzchak Lieblich
September 9, 2019

Personalized products and how to handle them within your OMS

Every company has something that makes them unique. No matter what it is, you must have something that sets you apart from your competition. In order to succeed in this world where everything is so accessible to consumers, it takes more than just a high quality product to close the deal. For many companies, the offering of personalized products has been the thing which attracts business.

Personalized products can come in many forms. The availability of such is especially common in the fashion industry. One can get their names or initials carved out into a pendant, have an inscription printed on a locket for a loved one, or have a name embroidered on the dress of a baby girl. It goes far beyond the fashion industry, however. Especially with children- everyone loves seeing their name printed on something. It makes them feel like it is truly theirs, made especially for them. Personalizations and customizations have no limits- reaching as far as the food industry. Have a name printed or a photo printed onto a birthday cake has become especially popular over the years.  

How Do You Handle This Ordering Process?

With companies seeing such great success with their customizable products, one would think that everyone would start doing it immediately. However, like anything else, it comes with its own set of challenges. Any time a company offers something unique to their customers, things become more complicated. From the minute someone orders a product with customization, that order must be handled differently than any other. Careful attention must be paid to a personalized product from the very beginning. Depending on where a business gets their products from, a plain red shirt is no longer going to be going through the same processes it normally would if it’s going to have a personalized embroidery on it. It must go through the extra step of being customized. Some companies send their products out to have this finishing touch while others do it on site. No matter how it’s done, it is not a unique factor that must be taken note of on this products journey from the manufacturer to the customer.

Finding the Right OMS

Finding an order/inventory management system which can account for these special processes automatically has proved to be near impossible. It is understandable that a software designed to be generally useful for all businesses isn’t going to have all of the features that take into account the special problems and processes of your company’s workflow. It is a cookie cutter system that can be useful to those businesses who may not do anything out of the ordinary and maybe work on a smaller scale. You pay X dollars for Y features and you utilize what they give you to the best of your ability. 

Why This Doesn’t Work For Everyone

An out of the box inventory management system doesn’t cut it for most companies, and here’s why. Even if you are not a business which offers customizations or personalizations, every business will come across a situation unique to their company which will fall outside of the everyday warehouse workflow. Whether it is a special kind of product that exists in the warehouse as special pieces, temperature sensitive goods needing to be shipped on a hot day, or special return policies that need to be accommodated for, every company is unique. 

Luckily, there is one commerce operations system which takes this need into account. SkuNexus is the world’s most customizable order/inventory/warehouse management system. It was created with the idea of building out exactly what you need to fit your company’s workflow. We understand that every business is different, and we want to make sure your warehouse processes are laid out as optimally as possible. There is no point in altering your company’s workflow in a negative way to fit a software to keep it organized. Why not do it the other way around?

When working with a client, SkuNexus will sit down with you and go through the workflow processes of your business. We cover all the bases- from ordering to picking to packing to shipping, and we build a road map together with the client. We keep what is working and improve on what is not. After there is a plan set in place, SkuNexus begins building out features on top of our core software system which will leave you with an individualized solution, especially made for your business. Think of it as the greatest personalized product out there!

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