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Integrate your eCommerce Site with an OMS for Accurate Fulfillment

Yitz Lieblich
December 10, 2019

Integrate your eCommerce Site with your OMS for Accurate Fulfillment Across Multiple Sales Channels


The Holiday Season is upon us! Thanksgiving is fading away into warm memories and you are gearing up for the next round of holidays. Hopefully Black Friday and Cyber Monday have resulted in a large increase in site traffic and online and in-store retail sales. Perhaps you were overwhelmed by the increase and found that you weren’t able to keep track of all the stock going in and out of inventory across your multiple sales channels. When sales are happening simultaneously at various retail locations and on your online site, it may be hard to account for all your stock. 

How can you ensure that your customers will not receive an out of stock message?

Many retailers list tracking inventory across multiple stock locations as one of their major pain points.  One of the most frequent requests we get from our customers is not only to see inventory amounts by location but to see an overall top down view of total inventory across all inventory locations. They experience difficulty because their eCommerce site is not fully integrated with their OMS (or they don’t have an OMS at all) and they don’t have real-time inventory data.

The best way to ensure that your warehouse actually has the items that you are selling on your website is to ensure that you have accurate inventory information. That information needs to be shared between your eCommerce site and your OMS. Your inventory/order management software needs to track orders across all sales channels and provide real-time inventory updates to all those sales channels.

Isn’t my eCommerce platform an OMS too?

The answer to that question is yes….and no. Most eCommerce platforms are capable of acting as a de facto OMS. Initially, that might be the correct solution. However, if you plan to scale your business, this is not a good long term plan. Once you start selling across multiple channels (brick and mortar store, eCommerce site, social media), have multiple inventory locations, offer pickup in store, or dropship, your eCommerce platform will have trouble keeping up.

Which OMS is the correct one?

There is no magic off the shelf OMS that is going to solve all your inventory nightmares. Off-the-shelf OMS platforms are meant to work for many businesses across many industries. The promise of cheap and quick implementation might draw you in at first. However, you will find that while it solves many problems, it leaves many more hanging in the wind. In addition, not every OMS will fully integrate with your eCommerce platform. You might not be happy with the choices that provide seamless integration.

To the Rescue

SkuNexus has heard your pain and brought a solution to the table. Coming from an eCommerce background, we have experienced all of the above mentioned pain points. We decided that there needed to be a better option. We could create an order management system that could integrate seamlessly with multiple eCommerce sites and provide real-time inventory updates across multiple sales channels and stock locations.

The result is a fully customizable, all encompassing, commerce operations platform - SkuNexus. We are actually an inventory, order, warehouse, and shipping management system all rolled into one. SkuNexus integrates with Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, and many more eCommerce platforms. Managing inventory in multiple locations for sale across multiple channels is effortless.

Click here to learn how SkuNexus can help you maintain accurate inventory data across multiple channels.

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