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Written by Yitz Lieblich

Increased Online Sales? Automate to Keep Up

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we shop. Stores are experiencing a surge in online sales. Switch to SkuNexus to handle increased sales easily!

Covid-19 has changed the way we shop

The current worldwide pandemic has changed the day to day lives for much of the world. Whole countries are on lockdown, with residents either in quarantine or told to shelter in place. People are no longer out on the streets, browsing through stores at their leisure. Those that do leave their homes, do so with one thing in mind. Get in, get out, get done.

With the concept of leisurely browsing through malls and storefronts on hold right now, many people are turning to online shopping to get their basic (and not so basic) needs. This means that while the physical storefronts may be shuttered, stores are experiencing a surge in online sales. With this surge, many companies are finding that their current order management systems (OMS) are not able to keep up.


What can you do to help your business keep up with this surge? 

If you see that your OMS is not as scalable as you thought, it might be time to reassess and consider an upgrade. Your OMS should have the ability to handle 10,000 daily orders as easily as it handles 100. Orders should flow seamlessly from your eCommerce site into your OMS. The OMS should be automated to route orders according to your specific rule set. Smart pick lists should be created that will direct your employees on the safest and fastest route through the warehouse. Packaging should be predetermined by the OMS based on the items included in the order. This will take the guesswork out of choosing the correct box and shipping carrier. Orders will be fulfilled quickly and accurately.


Is there really an OMS that can handle all backend operations?

SkuNexus is a fully customizable commerce operations platform. It is actually an order, inventory, warehouse, and shipping management system all rolled into one. It is fully scalable, and will handle an increase in orders with ease.

While the increase in online orders may seem overwhelming at first. The right OMS can help you quickly process those orders and maintain customer satisfaction even during these trying times.


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