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Is it time to invest in inventory management software?

Yitz Lieblich

You’ve been doing business a certain way for many years. And until recently things have been swimming along brilliantly. But lately, you find that more and more errors keep cropping up. You are no longer able to keep an accurate accounting of all the items coming in and out of inventory. You are constantly instructing your employees to do a manual recount. Yet, somehow shrinkage keeps occurring.  Most likely you have been relying on manual entry of goods in and goods out. Maybe you have been using spreadsheets to track your stock. However, the chance of human error is great. Vendor and administrative errors account for 25% of inventory shrinkage. 


The warehouse is a mess! 

No matter how you many times you show your employees the designated places for all items in the warehouse, somehow things are constantly getting misplaced. This can stem from a misunderstanding. Or the employee gets to the designated location and finds something else has already been placed there. The result would be that the employee chooses the next free spot and places the items there. But the spreadsheet is not updated. So that item is as good as lost. No one knows where it is.  This kind of disorganization can lead to an often unspoken problem, employee theft. Employee theft actually accounts for 30% of inventory shrinkage!


Inventory shrinkage

Inventory shrinkage is a common problem in a disorganized warehouse. The inventory does not exist in the physical inventory but is still listed on the spreadsheets as available for sale. It is hard to keep an accurate accounting of what you actually have and what you need when things are so chaotic. There has to be a better way to keep track of all your inventory.


Basically, what you have found is that what may have worked for your company when you were small and first starting out is no longer working as your company has grown. These growing pains are actually a good thing. It means your business is successful. Now you need to find a way to keep up that success without suffering from losses due to inventory shortages or overages due to improper record keeping.


Inventory management software

The easiest way to solve this problem is to implement the use of order/inventory/warehouse management software. With the proper software in place, tracking your inventory will be easy. Every item coming into the warehouse will be scanned and given a location for physical placement in the warehouse. Every item leaving the warehouse will be scanned and shipped using the most cost efficient shipping method. No more paying for overnight shipping because you guaranteed delivery within a certain number of days, but failed to ship within the correct timeframe because the item could not be found in the warehouse. No more excess inventory lingering on the shelf. No more dissatisfied customers because the promised item was actually out of stock. 


What is this miraculous solution? SkuNexus! SkuNexus is the best order/inventory/warehouse management software. Because SkuNexus is fully customizable all of the above mentioned problems will be a thing of the past. With everything monitored by SkuNexus there will be less time wasted doing manual counts, less employee theft, and definitely less disorganization.  You will know exactly how much you have of each item and when it is time to reorder. All of this will lead to a more efficiently run warehouse. More efficiency can mean up to a 50% increase in profitability!


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