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Custom Orders Need Custom Software Solutions

Yitz Lieblich
October 16, 2019

So, you have finally bitten the bullet and invested in an order/inventory management system.  All the workflows in your warehouse are now working seamlessly. Orders are picked and packed in a timely fashion. Customers are happy because they are receiving their orders on time without any mistakes. You are finally sitting pretty and have started thinking of how you can expand your business.

You decide that one way to make yourself stand out from the competition is to now offer personalization. You feel that this will make your company unique and help attract more customers. This means your workflow has changed. Instead of picking the item and then packing and shipping, an extra step is added to personalize. The personalization step is an entire process in and of itself. How do you track this in your OMS? When you try to change the workflow to add this step there seems to be no way to do it.


How can you incorporate customization into your OMS?

For the basic workflows in your warehouse, the off the shelf software has been working beautifully. However, because it is made to be used by many different businesses across the industry spectrum, you find that changing things to now fit your unique workflow is not possible. This is where a custom software solution will come to the rescue. With a custom OMS you will be able to set up the workflow to meet your unique needs. This includes adding in a step for customization along with the capability to track the specialized processes needed to complete that step.

Off the Shelf OMS provides 80% Functionality

Good off the shelf OMS software will provide your company with approximately 80% of what you need. What about the other 20%? With an off the shelf solution you are stuck with only 80% functionality. With customized software, you are able to tailor the other 20% to enhance your current and future workflows. With the option to personalize your products, you have never needed that other 20% to adapt to your workflows more than now. You need to have software that will accommodate your needs instead of altering your needs in order to comply with the software.

The other 20%

SkuNexus will provide that other 20% for you.  While there are many off the shelf software options to choose from, there is only one SkuNexus! SkuNexus is the best order/inventory/warehouse management software available. With the SkuNexus, your company will be able to handle anything that comes its way! Large or small, simple or complicated, SkuNexus is capable of managing everything you need to keep your order/inventory processes running smoothly and efficiently.

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