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Written by Robert McCarthy

Solve Your Dropshipping Issues with SkuNexus

SkuNexus presents a quick look at common dropshipping issues and solutions.

It seems there have become two kinds of dropshipping.

One lets individuals launch websites with an infinite number of products, outsource all responsibility, and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle pursuing other interests.

The other exists in reality, and it is chock full of challenges for merchants and vendors alike.

At SkuNexus, we are keenly aware of the range of issues dropshipping can present. Here's a quick look at a few pain points merchants often run into and how our software can help alleviate them.

Vendor Management

We hear about this all the time. Inconsistent data flow. Lack of inventory visibility. Communication breakdowns. These headaches run both ways.

The SkuNexus solution: A single platform centralizes and streamlines the procurement process by allowing merchants to view (and communicate with) all vendors in one place.

Finding the Best Price

Even when armed with clear insights into your suppliers, this can quickly become tedious and time-consuming.

The SkuNexus solution: Our Decision Logic Engine automatically determines and selects the most cost-effective distributor for both product & shipping.

Order Resolution

Time is money, and spending it on the phone or dealing with a series of emails is a waste of both.

The SkuNexus solution: Our improved order resolution process can now handle cancelled or backordered items directly through the platform. Clients have seen a 70% decrease in customer service time dealing with order issues.

If you would like to learn more about how SkuNexus management software solutions can transform your dropshipping operations, please check out our case study or contact us to learn more.

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